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Bootleg Copper Blangonga

Level: 56
Elemental Weakness Dark
Weakpoint Face
As a distant cousin to the Yeti King, the Ape King has the same powerful Physique and aggressive behavior, but they prefer to live deep within the Gobi which has a hot climate and uses the oasis as a resting spot. Maybe they realized they can wait for thirsty prey to come to them, its a lot better than going out looking for them on its own. Breaking the face of this Erlani can increase the chance to receive a Ape King Tusk in the rewards and on carve.
Breakable Parts: Face (can be broken two times), Tail
HP Values
Simple Common Hard
1 Hunter 2 Hunters 3 Hunters 4 Hunters 5 Hunters


  • Ape King Claw
  • Ape King Hide
  • Ape King Fluff
  • Ape King Mane
  • Ape King Tusk
  • Blood Essence

Skill set[]

Flying Punch * * * : This high damage Killmove is one of the strongest attacks Ape King has. With a long and obvious windup, followed by a massive leap, Ape King can easily cross half a zone with this attack. While it is powerful, it is also incredibly easy to dodge, and crates huge openings for large weapons to get in a free hit or two on his flanks.

Burrow * * : An annoying move where Ape King burrows underground for a few seconds before popping up near a Hunter. Those hit will take moderate damage. During the windup, Hunters should take the free time to sheath weapons and begin sprinting in a large circle, as to avoid getting hit when Ape King resurfaces. Unlike Yeti King's version of this attack, Ape King moves much faster, and it is still possible to get hit even if your sprinting away. Hunters who don't sheath their weapon will almost always get hit, so don't get greedy when he tries to burrow.

Shout: Almost non existent windup, produces a scream that applies piercing howl effect on any Hunter caught inside the radius. This shout is much more dangerous than its Yeti counterpart, as Ape King is able to recover from the shout faster than hunters can, allowing him to target and windup his next move before hunters have a chance of getting out of the way, and thus should be treated as an extremely dangerous move.

Back-Hop * : A short distance hop-back, deals small damage to those hit, Ape King cannot jump to the sides, so keep that in mind when you see the small -hop windup to this move.

Claw * : Ape King claws the space in front of him. This move does little damage compared to his other attacks, and only causes a stumble, rather than a full knockdown like his other moves. Claymores charging don't have to worry about this move interrupting their charges as long as they aren't right in their faces.

Fist Charge * * * * * : This fearsome move is the scariest difference between Ape and Yeti King. The windup consists of Ape King sprinting at his target before Wildly swinging his fists, finishing off his swings with a brief body slam. Any hunter caught in this will take huge damage, of which much will be recoverable injury.

Body Slam * * * * : Second only to Fist charge, with a windup of Ape King throwing his body up before crashing down, this move deals large damage but is much easier to dodge than fist charge.

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