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Armor is the main defense of a Hunter. Armor provides protection against the elements and the devastating attacks of the Erlani.

Types of Armor[]

There are two main Armor types in Hunter Blade:

  • Melee Armor: This type provides a large amount of defense. It can only be used with Melee Weapons.
  • Ranged Armor: This type provides a moderate amount of defense. It can only be used with Ranged Weapons.

Armor Crafting[]

Most Armor is crafted from materials gathered from Hunting. By speaking with Armor Forger Gavin in Village 1, or Baum in Village 2, a Hunter can select the option to craft Armor. A hunter can use the pulldown tab at the top of the window to switch between Melee or Ranged Armor types.
Armor is divided into each piece of armor:

  • Head
  • Body
  • Arms
  • Waist
  • Feet

A Hunter will be able to see different Armors available based on their level. Once a Hunter Selects a piece of Armor from the menu it will display the item requirements for the Armor, the Shell cost, an option to display the Armor on the Hunter, and the ability to track the item.
If the Hunter does not have the required materials to craft the armor, they can select the tracking option to make the system provide them with an update every time they receive an item that is required for the piece of equipment. If the Hunter has the required materials they can craft the item and it will use up the materials and charge the Hunter the crafting fee.

Armor Drops[]

Armor has a chance of dropping as a reward from a hunt if the player scores well. These armor drops normally have a high quality ranging from one to two stars.

Current Armors[]

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