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Crazy Lizard.jpg
Level: 46
Elemental Weakness Fire
Weakpoint Head
It is one kind cruel, ferocious, ugly dragon. And it often attacks human residence for food. It has a special organ which can release lethal voltage, even one kind of power ball. Even its regular attack is very strikeful. It is very dangerous for a single hunter to challenge a Lizard. But Lizard fears of fire. You can use fire attribute weapon and dodge the lightning it releases, you'll have the opportunity to win.
Breakable Parts: Face, Wings, Chest, Leg
HP Values
Simple 7080 Common 18880 Hard 49560
Challenge 23600
1 Hunter 2 Hunters 3 Hunters 4 Hunters 5 Hunters


  • Y-EelLizard Skin
  • Y-EelLizard Ala
  • EelLizard Shock
  • EelLizard Fluid
  • EelLizard Fin
  • Blood Essence

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