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Sarah.PNG Quote:"He who owns strong power won't become a real hero. Only he who loves everyone and is generous can win people's respect."

Sarah is the NPC for all functions pertaining to Family Administration. Hunters can talk to Sarah to create and manage their Family, exchange Family Contribution, and also pick up other Family related perks.

Create Family[]

PvP Family Register[]

Contribution Trade[]

Primary Article: Family Contribution Store
Hunters can trade their Personal Family Contribution for a wide variety of useful items.

Claim Family Fatigue[]

Primary Article: Family Fatigue
Every day a Hunter can claim bonus Daily Fatigue from Sarah. The amount of Fatigue gained this way is dependent upon the level of the Family.

Family Reward Potion[]

Primary Article: Family Reward Potion
Daily, a Hunter can claim reward portions that have a variety of different effects depending on level.

Family Revival Coin[]

A Hunter can claim a Family Revival Coin daily. The Hunter can claim coins from Sarah up to a limit of having 5 total. If a Hunter has 5 or more coins, they can not claim this reward.

Family Collecting Quest[]

Family Cohesion Medal Event[]

Primary Article: Family Cohesion Medal Event
This event is the only way that Hunters can collect Cohesion Medals.

Cohesion Medal Quest[]

Primary Article: Collect Unity Medal
This quest is turned in by the Family Patriarch so family members can collect a Family Unity Pack.

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