Hunter Blade Wiki
Level: 43
Elemental Weakness Ice, Fire
Weakpoint Head
It is one kind cruel, ferocious, ugly dragon. And it often attacks human residence for food. It has a special organ which can release lethal voltage, even one kind of power ball. Even its regular attack is very strikeful. It is very dangerous for a single hunter to challenge a Lizard. But Lizard fears of fire. You can use fire attribute weapon and dodge the lightning it releases, you'll have the opportunity to win.
Breakable Parts: Head, Wings, Chest, Leg
HP Values
Simple 3456 Common 9216 Hard 24192
Challenge 11520
1 Hunter 2 Hunters 3 Hunters 4 Hunters 5 Hunters


  • Eellizard Fluid
  • Cyaneellizard Thornskin
  • Eellizardbackfin
  • Eellizard Shock
  • Cyan Lizard Patagia
  • Ex Eellizard Skin

Overall difficulty: Extremely Easy

Recommended weapon: Chain Hammer

Recommended group size: 1Normal text


Piercing Roar (Just stuns)

Forward Leap (This is telegraphed. You can simply roll out of the way)

Electric Projectiles (Telegraphed. Simple walk to the left or right of him and the balls will miss. Use this time to get in extra damage.)

Bite (If you're using a Chain Hammer, you should never be in range for it to even use this attack)

This boss is extremely easy. Use a Fire or Ice Chain Hammer for a quick fight. Poke irt constantly, staying always to the side of it. When it faces you it will most likely jump forward. Roll to the side and keep attacking!

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