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Hunter Blade is no longer an active game. Any additional comments or concerns about content are slightly moot.

The main goal of the Wikia is to help promote a greater understanding of Hunter Blade and help players find information that they need in a quick and efficient manner.

Hunter Blade Fantastic Gameplay

Hunter Blade Fantastic Gameplay

  • Ape KingGo to Apeking
  • Blue Wyrm KingGo to B-Wyrm King
  • BasiliskGo to Basilisk
  • Boar KingGo to Boar King
  • Corpse FlowerGo to Corpse Flower
  • Wild Boar KingGo to Wild Boar King
  • Broad-Mouth SalamanderGo to Broad-Mouth Salamander
  • CabriteGo to Cabrite
  • Crazy LizardGo to Crazy Lizard
  • Crystal Armor BeastGo to Crystal Armor Beast
  • Desert Worm KingGo to Desert Worm King
  • Dim PardGo to Dim Pard
  • GilaGo to Gila
  • Green LizardGo to Green Lizard
  • Ice BeastGo to Ice Beast
  • IceWyrmGo to IceWyrm
  • Lacerator BeastGo to Lacerator Beast
  • LizardGo to Lizard
  • Mammoth KingGo to Mammoth King
  • Oasis BeastGo to Oasis Beast
  • PronghornGo to Pronghorn
  • Sand RayGo to Sand Ray
  • Skeleton Crab KingGo to Skeleton Crab King
  • Sting BeeGo to Sting Bee
  • Swift BatGo to Swift Bat
  • Thunder DragonGo to Thunder Dragon
  • Toxic Spider KingGo to Toxic Spider King
  • White Wyrm KingGo to W-Wyrm King
  • Yeti KingGo to Yeti King
  • AntelopeGo to Antelope
  • Blue WyrmGo to Blue Wyrm
  • BoarGo to Boar
  • Chela CrabGo to Chela Crab
  • Giant CrabGo to Giant Crab
  • Grass DragonGo to Grass Dragon
  • MammothGo to Mammoth
  • Moss BoarGo to Moss Boar
  • Red WyrmGo to Red Wyrm
  • SandwormGo to Sandworm
  • StegodonGo to Stegodon
  • Yellow WyrmGo to Yellow Wyrm
  • YetiGo to Yeti

The deadly beasts of Southern Cole, the Erlani

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  • Tnargraef


    July 14, 2012 by Tnargraef

    One of the things I really hope for while I work on this wiki is that it makes a difference. I really want to think that the information here helps someone. Some days I really just hope that what gets put down on this wiki is what everyone goes to first in effort to find their information. We don't…

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  • Tnargraef

    So I did say it could take a week to decide, but I've come to a decision on the winner after reviewing all the images we had posted.

    I do want to say I greatly enjoyed everyone's ideas and I hope you all come up with more by the time I plan on holding this again.

    I would like to say to GZR, I am sorr…

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