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A large assortment of killing tools.

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Hunt a wide variety of vicious beasts

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Your "extra" friends during a hunt.

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Fun Events

Participate and get great prizes!

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'Welcome to the Hunter Blade Wiki
Hunter Blade is no longer an active game. Any additional comments or concerns about content are slightly moot.

The main goal of the Wikia is to help promote a greater understanding of Hunter Blade and help players find information that they need in a quick and efficient manner.


Hunter Blade Fantastic Gameplay

The deadly beasts of Southern Cole, the Erlani

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Tnargraef Tnargraef 14 July 2012


One of the things I really hope for while I work on this wiki is that it makes a difference. I really want to think that the information here helps someone. Some days I really just hope that what gets put down on this wiki is what everyone goes to first in effort to find their information. We don't…

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Tnargraef Tnargraef 2 July 2012

Wiki Background Contest Winner

So I did say it could take a week to decide, but I've come to a decision on the winner after reviewing all the images we had posted.

I do want to say I greatly enjoyed everyone's ideas and I hope you all come up with more by the time I plan on holding this again.

I would like to say to GZR, I am sorr…

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