Hunter Blade Wiki
Level: 25
Elemental Weakness Fire
Weakpoint Head
It is one cruel, ferocious, ugly dragon. And it often attacks human residence for food. It has a special organ which can release lethal voltage, even in a form of a power ball. It is very powerful that even its regular attack inflicts a lot of damage. It is very dangerous for a single hunter to challenge a Lizard. The Lizard fears of fire. if you use a fire attribute weapon and dodge the lightning it releases, you'll have the opportunity to slay it.
Breakable Parts: Head, Wings, Chest, Leg
HP Values
Simple Common Hard
1 Hunter 2 Hunters 3 Hunters 4 Hunters 5 Hunters



  • Lunge - The Lizard will crouch for a moment, and then jump/lunge straight forward a small distance.
  • Tail Swipe - The Lizard will rotate its body 180 degrees, sweeping its tail around behind it, followed by another (to rotate a full 360 degrees)
  • Shock - The Lizard will raise its head, and then plunge its mouth in to the ground which creates an electric aura around it. Does heavy damage.
  • Shock Ball - The Lizard will raise its head, while storing an electric "ball" in its mouth. It will then lower it's head/neck to the ground and release three electric balls . They travel in an outward pattern but goes straight. Only used when you are at a distance.


When on the highest Difficulty, the Lizard gains a new attack (the Shock described above). Try avoid attacking his tail, as your weapon takes damage from those spots and you can be repelled which will leave you defenseless.

Always attack his wings or his head. If you have a mage with you, make sure to get Thunder Res. up in order to lessen the damage from it's main attacks. Other than that, stick close to its body and avoid his tail, and he will continue to jump past you in order to clear distance.

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