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Popodrome (Bootleg)

Mammoth King.jpg
Level: 4
Elemental Weakness Fire
Weakpoint Tusks
Leader of Mammoth in SnowHill. It has much more huge physique than regular Mammoth. It will mercilessly hit the ones who break into mammoth groups, though it has gentle temperament. Also it will issue calls to remind of all mammoth about the foreign invasion. For the same large heavy monsters, it is very tough. But it is the safest choice for agile hunters.
Breakable Parts: Tusks
HP Values
Simple 258 Common 688 Hard 1806
Challenge 860
1 Hunter 2 Hunters 3 Hunters 4 Hunters 5 Hunters


  • Mammoth Hide
  • Small Bone
  • MammothKing Tusk
  • MammothKing Skin

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