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Red Wyrm King.jpg
Level: 38
Elemental Weakness Water, Ice
Weakpoint Whole body but back
Leader of the R-Dragon living in volcano and swamp. It has the most tenacious vitality in tyrannosaurus group. The head of R-Dragon is quite different from other dragons, which can release more harmful poison. You have to take antidote with you, if you are headed for R-Dragon. Otherwise, your vitality will decline rapidly, once you were poisoned.
Breakable Parts: No known parts
HP Values
Simple Common Hard
1 Hunter 2 Hunters 3 Hunters 4 Hunters 5 Hunters


  • R-Dragon Head
  • R-Dragon Claw
  • R-Dragon Scale
  • R-Dragon Teeth

Skill Set[]

Charge * : After lowering his head and winding up, R-WyrmKing charges towards his target. Note that this move will only proc if his target is outside his jump range.

Jump * : After crouching down, R-WyrmKing leaps towards his target, knocking them down and dealing moderate damage.

Toxic Spit * * : after choking up some poison, R-WyrmKing spits up a ball of poison, which has a chance of poisoning hunters that it hits.

Claw * * : While this move does not do knock hunters over, the speed at which R-WyrmKing can use it allows him to deal large amounts of damage very quickly to hunters who don't find it useful to dodge.

R-Wyrm King can also side jump, which deals very little damage and interrupts charges.

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