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Minerals have been discovered deep within the volcanic regions and Team is ready to take Hunters out to gather these minerals. These materials can be traded on site for great rewards. The deeper into the area you go, better rewards you can get, but the more dangerous it becomes.

Event Description[]

Number of Rounds completed Number of Shovel Rewarded
1 5
2 5
3 10
4 10
5 20
  • Hunters can enter the Asteriated Lava Hunt Scene by speaking with Bunny in Village 1 or Village 2.
  • Each area has trick to move into the next area. Example: Gathering in area 1 of the Lava Scene opened Area 2 after a few gathers.
  • Each area has different drop rates for their items and some items can only be found by going very deep into the scene.
  • The deeper you go, the better the rewards.
  • There is a Trader on the map to exchange the items you find for rewards.

Drop List[]

Shine Stone Blood Crescent Stone Blue Crescent Crystal
Yellow Spar Water Vine Stone Nightmare Stone
Big Ice Mane Stone Big Rose Crystal TmSense Elix Pack
VIP Member Pack Master Key Advanced VIP Member Pack
Hunt Bag Lv 4 Acceleration Card Building Card

Exchange List[]

Cost Reward
1 Blood Crescent Stone
1 Blue Crescent Crystal
1 Yellow Spar
1 Water Vine Stone
1 Nightmare Stone
1 Shine Stone
1 TmSense Elix Pack
5 Blood Crescent Stone
5 Blue Crescent Crystal
5 Yellow Spar
5 Water Vine Stone
5 Nightmare Stone
1 Shine Stone
1 Energy Scroll
10 Blood Crescent Stone
10 Blue Crescent Crystal
10 Yellow Spar
10 Water Vine Stone
10 Nightmare Stone
2 Shine Stone
30 Master Key
15 Blood Crescent Stone
15 Blue Crescent Crystal
15 Yellow Spar
15 Water Vine Stone
15 Nightmare Stone
2 Shine Stone
1 Hunt Bag
30 Shine Stone 1 Big Ice Mane Stone
15 Big Ice Mane Stone 1 Tough IceSand
50 Big Ice Mane Stone 1 Tough WaterSand
15 Shine Stone 1 Big Rose Crystal
5 Big Rose Crystal 1 Tough IceSand
20 Big Rose Crystal 1 Tough WaterSand

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