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Line Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
3 05:30 - 06:30 05:30 - 06:30 05:30 - 06:30
1 14:30 - 15:30 14:30 - 15:30 14:30 - 15:30

A very strong Thunder Dragon is attacking the village and it is up to the Hunters to fight off the giant Erlani before it destroys the village.

Event Time[]

This event occurs only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The event occurs twice a day and can only be accessed on Line 1 and Line 3. A Serverwide announcement 10 minutes before the event begins. When the event starts it will be announced only on the Line that it is active on. You will only be able to join the event on the Line that it is active on.

Line 3 Line 1
05:30 - 06:30 14:30 - 15:30

How to Join[]

Hunters of all levels can participate in the event. In order to join the event once it is active a Hunter must speak with Chandy found in Village 3. Hunters can only join by selecting the 'Quick Join option with Chandy.


  1. All Hunters are required to work together in order to defeat the Thunder Dragon. This means no Hunter may attack another Hunter while in the Event area regardless of Murderous Look.
  2. The Event Area will be created when the first Hunter clicks Quick Join.
  3. All Hunters after the first will be transported to the newly created Event Area when they select Quick Join.
  4. When the Event Area reaches 10 Hunters, it will become locked until a Hunter leaves and a new Event Area will be created in the same manner the first was created.
  5. The Event Areas can not be intruded. Hunters are expected to work together to defeat the Thunder Dragon, not against one another.
  6. A Hunter will not be charged fatigue to join the Event.
  7. Due to the nature of the attack, Hunters are required to enter the area alone and may not be in a team to enter the Event Area.


  1. All Hunters will receive a reward as long as they do damage to the Thunder Dragon.
  2. A Hunters rewards will be calculated after each attack by a skilled Hunter Observer.
  3. The Hunter that deals the killing blow to the Thunder Dragon will receive a special reward.
  4. A Hunter can claim their reward after the event ends by speaking with Chandy who will send the reward in the mail to the Hunter.
  5. Hunters must claim their reward the same day they participated. Chandy tends to be forgetful if it's more than a day old.
  6. Hunters can claim their rewards between 06:01 - 07:00 on Line 1 and 15:01 - 16:00 on Line 3.
  7. The Ranking List will show who will receive the awards.
  8. The rewards are bound and can not be traded to other Hunters.
  9. Once per day when the Hunter's damage to the Thunder Dragon reaches 2,500, 25,000 and 100,000 during the event, they will receive a Dragonbone Coin. A total of three Dragonbone Coins can be earned this way.
  10. Hunters that rank in the top three positions will receive an additional Dragonbone Coin.

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