Hunter Blade Wiki
Level: 15
Elemental Weakness Fire
Weakpoint ???
Head of a small group of W-Wyrms in the SnowHill. It is usually it's the initiator and leader of predatory actions. Its head is a little different from the common W-Wyrms. The main feature of W-Dragon is its flexibility. Danger will be greatly reduced from hunters if it separates from the group. Hunters should isolate the W-Dragon to slay it easily.
HP Values
Simple 402 Common 1074 Hard 2820
Challenge 1580
1 Hunter 2 Hunters 3 Hunters 4 Hunters 5 Hunters


  • W-Dragon Tusk
  • W-Dragon Head
  • W-Wyrm Leather
  • W-Dragon Claw
  • W-Wyrm Scale

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