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There are a variety of weapons in Hunter Blade made for different styles of play. Some weapons have level requirements and the Hunter must reach the appropriate level to use them.

Melee Armor Weapon Types[]


Primary Article: Sword
Available at level 1.

Sword and Shield[]

Primary Article: Sword and Shield
Available at level 1.

Dual Sabres[]

Primary Article: Dual Sabres
Available at level 30.

Chain Hammer[]

Primary Article: Chain Hammer
Available at level 30.


Primary Article: Claymore
Available at level 40

Light Armor Weapon Types[]


Primary Article: Wand
Available at level 1.


Primary Article: Crossbow
Available at level 40.

Weapon Mastery[]

Primary Article: Weapon Mastery
Weapon Mastery is the process of choosing skills to further enhance a Hunter's capability with that weapon.

Weapon Crafting[]

Crafting a weapon requires a Hunter to gather the appropriate materials, enough Shells, and then speak with either Weapon Forger Dake in Village 1 or Vinda in Village 2. Once the Hunter Speaks with one of these NPCs they can select the option for Weapon Crafting. This will pull up a new window and the Hunter will be able to select their weapon type, select the weapon they wish to craft, and then they can select the button in the lower right to craft the weapon.

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